Weekly Letter 8.26.2013: Nasusunog ang Elder

Dear Fam,

The way of life is so much faster in the city than it is out in the rice fields in my last area. It really does make it a lot tougher to be a missionary. We just tract big houses all day and find ways to get past the guards into gated neighborhoods so that we can find those golden investigators. To some point its fun but its more challenging and some nights its hard going home frustrated. The good thing is the investigators we do find are almost always educated and ideal people to teach. Last week on the way home we were just about to call it a day and instead we remembered what everyone says “just one more house.” So we knocked on a house just down the street from us. Some how for the last few years missionaries have just been walking by this house on the way to the apartment and skipping over him. Hes an awesome investigator so far. Hes a High School teacher and every once in a while will speak this deep english. Hes a pretty funny guy and super awesome to teach because of the way he thinks so deeply into the lesson. He even owns a car so we are proud of that find.

I think this is going to be the time of my mission where I fatten up. We have a Macdonalds, KFC, Jollibee, Pizza Hut, Red Ribbon, and many more savoring restaurants I have ate more american food in the last week than I have in the last year. At the same time my missionary support goes a lot faster than before. So lifes good as always anyway.

So back to that investigator I was telling you about that is a teacher. As we were teaching him the apostasy he stopped us and wanted to know more about what apostasy means as we explained to him he stopped us again and said something profound “I am personally living in an apostasy” its so true that even as members of the church we can have our own personal apostasy’s where we may be lacking in faith or struggling with in our selves but if we follow the example of Joseph Smith and ask for help we will always find a way past those trials.

Love you all,

Elder Polatis


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