Weekly letter 9.1.2013: Nabiten lang ako…

Dear Family,


What a busy week as a zone leader sometimes its hard to just focus on our own area and the work here. We had a Zone Training Meeting that we had to do the workshop for, we had exchanges, we had a ward service project, and even a meeting with the stake leaders. All in all I can say we got quite a bit done. We also found a lot of new investigators. I remember Brittany talking about the old lady that was always falling asleep in the lesson and in a strange way reminded me of the old lady we found and taught this week. Except she was complete opposite despite being 80 years old she had a lot to say in the end she just twisted everything we taught her and told us she doesnt believe Joseph Smith was a prophet but she told us that we are prophets she was super hard headed and was super blunt my companion said he had to hold himself back from crying while she was going off on her big spill. We meet some super crazy people in a hard days work here.


What of the most unique experiences I had this week was going on exchanges with the office elders. I went to there area and my companion stayed in ours. The office elders live above the mission office and have every necessity of an updated american condo including air/conditioning, granite countertops, hot water, and couches. I dont know how they dont feel guilty living in a suite like that haha. So it was pretty ineresting working with Elder Howes in the office we just got sent around town doing errands and driving the mission truck around which also is equipped with Air/Con. At the end of the day we ended up getting out to do some work in there area a little bit also.


Its been really hard to focus on our own area and help our investigators progress. Its been rough cause the first two sundays in this area we didnt have one investigator come to church. Yesterday was the third sunday and I thought it was going to be the same thing. But the family we had a service for ended up bringing there neice and nephew and we taught them right after the meetings so we not only got new investigators but also had them be able to experience what coming to the lords house can do for them. We also had another couple that just barely moved into the area come to church. They are both long time members but the father has been working for the last 9 years in Saudia Arabia so none of their children got baptized. They have 5 children and they are super excited to bring them to church next week. So hopefully we have a big family coming up for baptism! Before all this happened I was honestly getting a little frustrated with the work in our area because we havent had the time to focus on it but the time came the heavenly father stepped in and really helped us out. Im really excited for the upcoming weeks to see the fruits of these labors. Thanks for writing and all the pictures and letters.


Elder Polatis



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