Weekly Letter 9.16.2013: Pusong Bato

Well family,


Its just another P-day as usual but earlier this morning we had a zone activity and we all went to this fish pond resort where they just have a bunch of statues and theres fountains all over and the whole thing is a giant restaurant surrounded by fish ponds with all sorts of fish it was pretty ineresting place. But really just a place to look at things and take crazy pictures.


This last mission leadership training President Peterson was talking to us about how we can help other missionaries when we have exchanges. One thing he said we need to remember is that “robot is bawal” He doesnt know Tagalog but he knows the word bawal pretty well because it means forbidden so whenever he has a mission rule he needs to remind us of he says “Elder that is Bawal” hes pretty funny sometimes. Back to the robot being forbidden part. Sometimes we just get ourselves stuck in routines and we go through the every day steps. Even for the hardest working missionaries its hard to not let yourself just do the same thing over and over again as you follow the missionary schedule. But the extra effort is what we need.


This week we started doing the process of elimination with our investigators we have a huge teaching pool and almost cant keep up with everyone we are teaching. So we had to started dropping those who are not keeping their committments to read and pray or even go to church. One of the hardest things to do is give up on an investigator but its the lords work and he gave them agency.


One family that I mentioned before in another email is really progressing though. They are the family with 5 kids that havent been baptized. The truth is they are fully converted to the gospel at least the parents are and they want to be sealed in the temple is what they said to us. But first off they live really far away from the church and there budget is far from able to allow all 7 of them go to church. Secondly brothers work is really tough on him and gives him a super small salary. This week they said they might be able to save enough thoug. The two youngest kids are 9 year old twin girls and they literally studied the testimony of Joseph Smith and wanted us to quiz them on it. They are pretty darn cute!


Theres really something about the gospel that changes peoples hearts. Its crazy how stubborn people can be at first but if you just find a way to have them listen with an open heart. You can see a change even in there eyes. Theres alot of things that I would only ever be able to experience as a missionary and im glad now is my time. The change im talking about isnt always noticed by the person itself but I promise you other people will notice. So live the gospel and christs teachings and let it change you.



Elder Polatis



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