Weekly Lettter 9.22.2013: Fire and Brimstone

Dear Family,


Im sure you noticed that for the first time I did not use Tagalog in the title of my email. The subject sums up my week. So yesterday after church we went back to the apartment had a quick companion study to finalize our lessons for the day had a bit to eat and headed out the door. Every sunday we have been visiting that family I keep telling you about that doesnt have money to attend church but wants to work to the point to get sealed. They leave in the farthest part of our area here up in the mountains. So we went there taught a great lesson and when we got out I looked at the phone which had 5 missed calls. The AP’s were trying to get a hold of us and say go home because our house was on fire. So it took about an hour and a half to get home and the whole time im thinking what burned down and where did it start. So what happened was the outlet next to my bed freaked out and started my bed on fire it burned the whole mattress to the ground. The good thing is all the houses are made of cement so pretty much it just filled the whole apartment with smoke and everything is black but I didnt lose anything just had a lot of laundry to do which the mission home kindly came and got for me and took it back to use the washer and dryer they have. So it was pretty memorable and at least I still have all my things. I do have a picture by the way but in all the Caos with us moving into the other Elders apartment we left the camera back home so next week I will show you what happened. But dont worry were all fine and did a lot more laughing than worrying.


Besides that event we also had a zone conference last week. Zone conferences are a great experience where President Peterson really sets the tone for the mission and gives us a vision and a goal to work for. Both me and President Peterson will be going home next July and so its kind of like were making that last push for the end. We actually have a mission goal to have 1423 baptisms by next July 1st. I thinked a lot of missionaries walked away from that conference in a new gear and ready to go to work and hopefully thats the case because this upcoming transfer there are going to be a lot of changes in my zone including a new fellow zone leader because Elder Cabacungan is transferred. So Im not sure who that possibly could be but I will know later this afternoon.


I learned a lot of things this week including something ineresting that we to often call daily good deeds thoughts or actions natural instincts when the correct term is actually the light of christ. In the last transfer me and Elder Cabacungan have had a large amount of new investigators, which is great. But its not enough because those investigators havent been progressing to where they should be. We realized were not doing everything “the lords way.” The truth is the spirit really makes you work and even for a missionary its not like it comes easy but we have decided we need to be doing better in following the spirit in not only lessons but also our daily lives. This next transfer we really hope to be bringing a handful of people to the waters of baptism as we follow the spirit.



Elder Polatis



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