Weekly letter 9.30.2013: Hanggang Wakas

Dear Family,


So I of course wasnt transferred this week my my companion was. Elder Cabacungan is now assigned on the Mindoro island. My new companion in San Pablo is Elder Revillo. Elder Revillo is the most laid back companion of my whole mission. This is due to his limited time left in the field. He goes home November 6th so this is his very last transfer. He is super trunky and kinda feels like hes already done. But we have fun together and im taking over most of the time were still working hard. There was actually lots of transfers this last week. Elder Spezia my companion from back in the MTC is finally in my zone he is actually assigned to be an office elder right now. I actually knew elder Revillo from before when I was in Calauag. We were in the same district and he also has a brother on a mission. His father actually died back in may and so hes not going back home to what he left. All in all were going to have a good transfer together.


The week was actually super rough it seemed like almost all of our apartments fell through but its just going to take more effort in planning to get around that obstacle. I learned a lot this week that sometimes we think im just one person how can I make a difference but if you think about how many people are effected by one single decision. One person really does make the difference. The power of agency is really only a step under the power of the priesthood. So make good decisions. I know that were blessed more than we think for those simple right decisions



Elder Polatis


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