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Weekly letter 10.21.2013: Kalapating mababa ang lipad

Dear Family,


It was a quick and somewhat forced adjustment last week with an emergency transfer and then we jumped straight into the zone leader schedule. Right after my new companion got here last week we had to start preparing for our workshop to give together in zone interviews. We did great though and we gave a really good workshop. In our zone interviews I learned a lot from president Peterson he always tells me he expects a lot out of me and is grateful he can rely on me. I asked him the other day how I am going to be able to gauge my mission when I come to the end. I wanted him to tell me one specific thing that would tell me how well of a missionary I was. He told me the key indicator of a succuesfull missionary is measured by to amount of love you developed for the people you served. Its so true that you cant just come here do everything you are supposed because thats what the call letter said and at the end say “I did it” if you dont do it for the purpose of desiring the salvation for someone else.


Its been and ineresting week especially getting to know my very first american companion but we are going to have an awesome time together, Hes getting close to his one year mark now and hes already doing great work. Hes from Queen Creek City, Arizona.


We have some really great investigators right now and they are like right on that border line of falling into the waters of baptism. Maybe I will just push them in…haha jk. I really want it to be there own decision and know of a surety they did the right thing. One of those investigators is also a family which I really hope and pray find the truthfulness and are touched by the spirit because it would be my first Family conversion in the mission.


I love you all,

Elder Polatis

Bagong kasama (New companion)





Last week in the stress of exchanges me and Elder Hansen became companions and cruised around town doing errands and withdrawing large amounts of money…and by the way that is a Kentucky Fried Chicken box sitting between us ­čÖé


Our zone went to this zoo resort thing. They had a bunch of ugly lizards there and this long necked thing haha.




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Weekly Letter 10.14.2013: Naimis

Dear Family,


I understand your a little confused why you received a bunch of pictures early and no email. Well lots of reasons but anyway we had a few changes in the mission. My companion got sent home for some things that happened in his last area and he only had 3 weeks left in his mission. So President Peterson shuffled some elders around and we had some emergency exchanges so early this morning Elder Revillo got on a bus and I just hung out at the mission home. So I sent some pictures from the mission home and then got busy doing other things with the new office couple and some other things. I rode around with Elder Hansen the office couple elder in charge of finances and ran some errands went to the bank came back. Then we also have a brand new office couple that are from the USA but they are Filipino so we washed his car and then went to town and got a new battery put in it. So pretty much I have just been the errand boy today in the office. In the mean time President Peterson went to the island of Mindoro to go pick up my new companion and they should be back later tonight.


So my new companions name is Elder Hansen he is my very first american companion. I havent ever met him but I have seen him before so we will see how its going to go being with him. Its funny because President called me into his office and told me that Elder Valdez was going to be my new companion and I was going to have to train him to be a new zone leader. Then I asked president is that the same Elder Valdez that I trained in my second area and he goes oh yeah thats right well I cant put you with him twice so he shuffled again and I now have an american companion.


This weekend was awesome we finally got to listen to conference. Three of our investigators came actually and I hope they enjoyed it because it was actually in English. A lot of Filipinos are proud that they can speak English and they say its the most English speaking country in asia so they said they understand but Prophets and Apostles use so deep english theres no way they really knew what was going. I remember just stopping and praying that even though they dont understand they will be able to hear the spirit of the message. Another thing thats great about conference is the music because that was another opportunity for them to take it all in and feel the spirit in other ways. I know that standing tall and looking up is the only thing we can do relying on heavenly father to pull us through.



ELder Polatis




This is most of the elders in our zone after general conference






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Weekly letter 10.7.2013: Hampas Lupa

Dear Family,



This week went average is a simple way to say it. The hardest thing about this area is getting people to come to church and they are always super busy so pretty much our game time is 6-9 o clock everyones gone in the afternoons. Me and Elder Revillo are having a good time though hes super funny the only hard thing is that hes trunky and goes home in 4 weeks so I just have to set the tone and lead out.


We have one particular investigator brother Ronald who is progressing pretty well and I think we might get him baptized this transfer a few weeks ago he told us he doesnt believe theres a god and after effectively using the Book of Mormon we made him realize hes in denial and that he has a lot to figure out in his life. I just hope he figures out its Baptism but we will see whats in his future.


This week I got hit by a tricycle I was sitting there in a little parking lot of a gas station talking to a guy selling street foods when all of a sudden I got wacked in the side and knocked back like 15 ft. nothing really happened except my 80 dollar watch I bought before the mission broke. It was kinda an ineresting situation and the driver felt really bad. At this point the guy I was talking to selling the foods had become somewhat of a friend and I thought he was going to beat up the drivers face but I just told him its ok nothing really happened then I tried to talk to the driver about the gospel and he got in a hurry to leave. But at least I can check of getting hit by a tricycle in my list of things to do in the mission.


Coming into this part of my mission I realize more than ever that Heavenly Father is perfectly aware of every weakness I have. And that is exactly where hes testing me right now. From the beginning I thought my mission would only get easier as I go and learn the language and familiar with the scriptures but really it goes the other way around. The more that I have come to understand my calling and why Im here the harder it gets because I realize theres a lot expected of me. I know that that heavenly father would have it no other way. It really is hard to be humble and accept that he knows best but really theres nothing I can do hes in control so we just need to stop resisting the will of god and instead live according to the will of god.


I love you,


Elder Polatis


P.S. Send me pictures!!!



This was at Missionary Leadership Council last week. Almost all of these missionaries are in my batch and we came into the field at the same time. Maybe you recognize my MTC companion  in the middile.


I bet you didnt know they have Krispy Kreme in the Philippines well they only have one and its in Manila but one of our favorite members works in Manila and invited us over after she got home this weekend. It was soooo good.

DSC05175 DSC05178

So we found this delicious burger joint in town that actually has real beef burgers. They have this giant burger challenge that you have to finish this 1/2 kilo burger in less than 5 minutes. We all did it one at a time and I swallowed the last bite right on 5 minutes. The polynesian elders of course destroyed the challenge and we all had a free lunch earlier today. But I dont think I will ever try to tackle that monster again.



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