Weekly Letter 10.14.2013: Naimis

Dear Family,


I understand your a little confused why you received a bunch of pictures early and no email. Well lots of reasons but anyway we had a few changes in the mission. My companion got sent home for some things that happened in his last area and he only had 3 weeks left in his mission. So President Peterson shuffled some elders around and we had some emergency exchanges so early this morning Elder Revillo got on a bus and I just hung out at the mission home. So I sent some pictures from the mission home and then got busy doing other things with the new office couple and some other things. I rode around with Elder Hansen the office couple elder in charge of finances and ran some errands went to the bank came back. Then we also have a brand new office couple that are from the USA but they are Filipino so we washed his car and then went to town and got a new battery put in it. So pretty much I have just been the errand boy today in the office. In the mean time President Peterson went to the island of Mindoro to go pick up my new companion and they should be back later tonight.


So my new companions name is Elder Hansen he is my very first american companion. I havent ever met him but I have seen him before so we will see how its going to go being with him. Its funny because President called me into his office and told me that Elder Valdez was going to be my new companion and I was going to have to train him to be a new zone leader. Then I asked president is that the same Elder Valdez that I trained in my second area and he goes oh yeah thats right well I cant put you with him twice so he shuffled again and I now have an american companion.


This weekend was awesome we finally got to listen to conference. Three of our investigators came actually and I hope they enjoyed it because it was actually in English. A lot of Filipinos are proud that they can speak English and they say its the most English speaking country in asia so they said they understand but Prophets and Apostles use so deep english theres no way they really knew what was going. I remember just stopping and praying that even though they dont understand they will be able to hear the spirit of the message. Another thing thats great about conference is the music because that was another opportunity for them to take it all in and feel the spirit in other ways. I know that standing tall and looking up is the only thing we can do relying on heavenly father to pull us through.



ELder Polatis




This is most of the elders in our zone after general conference







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