Weekly letter 10.21.2013: Kalapating mababa ang lipad

Dear Family,


It was a quick and somewhat forced adjustment last week with an emergency transfer and then we jumped straight into the zone leader schedule. Right after my new companion got here last week we had to start preparing for our workshop to give together in zone interviews. We did great though and we gave a really good workshop. In our zone interviews I learned a lot from president Peterson he always tells me he expects a lot out of me and is grateful he can rely on me. I asked him the other day how I am going to be able to gauge my mission when I come to the end. I wanted him to tell me one specific thing that would tell me how well of a missionary I was. He told me the key indicator of a succuesfull missionary is measured by to amount of love you developed for the people you served. Its so true that you cant just come here do everything you are supposed because thats what the call letter said and at the end say “I did it” if you dont do it for the purpose of desiring the salvation for someone else.


Its been and ineresting week especially getting to know my very first american companion but we are going to have an awesome time together, Hes getting close to his one year mark now and hes already doing great work. Hes from Queen Creek City, Arizona.


We have some really great investigators right now and they are like right on that border line of falling into the waters of baptism. Maybe I will just push them in…haha jk. I really want it to be there own decision and know of a surety they did the right thing. One of those investigators is also a family which I really hope and pray find the truthfulness and are touched by the spirit because it would be my first Family conversion in the mission.


I love you all,

Elder Polatis

Bagong kasama (New companion)





Last week in the stress of exchanges me and Elder Hansen became companions and cruised around town doing errands and withdrawing large amounts of money…and by the way that is a Kentucky Fried Chicken box sitting between us 🙂


Our zone went to this zoo resort thing. They had a bunch of ugly lizards there and this long necked thing haha.




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