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Weekly Letter 11.3.2013: Bulos na ako…Naimas naman

Dear Family,


This week seemed from the start to be the new beginning. We have this pool of investigators who live all next to each other and were just going teaching house house in their little neighborhood. Its super cool because its kind of like if one of them converts they all convert and we are like super close with the whole compound. I think they are getting really close and were going to see them gather to the waters of baptism this coming transfer. I just want to feel like alma and baptize huge groups of people in one day. But its taking patience also.


This week we had a Philippines area fast for all the people that were effected by the earthquake in the southern part of the Philippines like 2 weeks ago. I dont know if you heard about that and I forgot to mention it. Its kinda interesting cause there was a bunch of super old catholic churches that fell in which fulfills prophecy about the great and abominable church. Its also ineresting because the Cebu temple down was not effected one bit other than they said the angel Moroni rotated Im not sure how he rotates just like that but it happened. Anyway there were lots of people who went lost homes and alot of landscapes changed so we fasted for them. President Peterson also had a mission fast since this month we are having a mission tour with one of the members from the seventy. It was really interesting to fast with such big purpose and in such big numbers but it felt really good to turn out ward.


Other than that we also had the day of the dead this week which is pretty much just the Filipino Memorial day and Halloween in 1.


Theres a pattern I have noticed in my mission that people have told me the most important thing I will learn on my mission is the atonement. When I hear people say that I almost take it as cliche and let people pass me by. But considering that its coming from some very inspired men I started really thinking about it this week. Growing up in the church simple truths like Joseph Smith is a prophet just natural comes almost but when you get even more basic that Jesus Christ payed for our sins it almost rolls of the tongue with out even double thinking ourselves. I realize know that knowing and understanding what Jesus Christ went through takes us to new spiritual heights and I have felt the enabling power of the atonement even more as one of his missionaries. I know its true!



Elder Polatis




Us and our golf trainers. We have some investigators that live super close to this driving range so today we decided to do something with our P-day and hit some balls. To be honest its my only golf experience apart from putting around balls in Uncle Steve’s backyard. But thats ok cause these guys with us are both Pros the one in the blue is the champion of the Asian golf tour they our the part owners of the place and then a less active member is the other part owner so we got to hit a few buckets of balls for practically nothing and then the taught us the techniques.




This member family lives in a pub next to the river its pretty much a Filipino dream house



Shes copying some movie that she saw she literally made this face at me and Elder Hansen for like 5 minutes while we just laughed and the sound effects are even better



This babies literal name is Corianton (I hope that doesnt effect his future) and the one in the blue is Nephi


Theres a member in our ward who has a passion for farming this is his string beans plantation and they grow super tall all the way up the strings




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Weekly email 10-27-2013: Namimihasa lang kami

Dear white people of the american continent,


Me and Elder Hansen really work hard together trying to get an awesome teaching people. We knocked on hundreds of “Big Houses”. The previous sentence needs explaining. In the Philippines I dont know if I have previously explained that we dont knock on doors, reason being that most people dont have doors and secondly if you have a door you also have a big gate outside keeping people from getting to your door so we just walk up to a house and say “tao po” which simple means people and makes your self known. The other explanation is that the mission really talks a lot about make the extra effort to teach the upper class and convert people with leadership skills and the ability to support them in a calling hence big houses. So in the end we just talked with a lot of people that were upset that someone was trying to get them outside of their air conditioned home to teach them about how there going to be saved and they didnt appreciate that very much. There was even this one house that had an intercom system and a camera so we ended giving a short rundown message of the restoration to a video camera by a gate im sure it looked very funny but he said that they could see us on the camera in the end they just said they were busy and never came outside. We also had another guy who started yelling at us about sabbath day keeping and other weird things.


Apart from our wonderful tracting experiences were still working with some great investigators and they have been coming to church. To be honest a few investigators are starting to frustrate me though. They said that they read prayed and even felt the spirit they even said that they believe that what they felt was an answer that the church is true and then I ask them to be baptized and I get a no thank you im catholic and its like how hard can these peoples heads and hearts get. Im still trying to just do what President Peterson told learn to love them and dont blame them for their culture. Me and my companion got into a conversation about the reasons why everyone is born into different situations and after all of our brainstorming…..we still dont know why. But we know that god has his reasons and he will make it possible that we are all judged righteously. Thats one thing that I realized why I have been called here that I have had it way to easy in life to go and not work hard every day trying to help people realize whats in it for them and make that mighty change.


Elder Polatis



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