Weekly Letter 11.10.2013: Anong BAGYO!

Dear Family,


First things first the typhoon did not hardly do anything to us but knock us out of work for a day and a half. It just rained and blew super hard. President Peterson just had us stay in our apartments and wait it out. So we sat inside and ordered McDonalds Delivery. The honest truth is if we had a good umbrella we probably could have gone to work but he told us just to play it safe. We do have missionaries that are from the area of the Philippines that got hit which is called Tacloban some of my very good friends in the mission are pretty worried right now about their families because all communication is gone right now theres no way to get a hold of them. Even the missionaries right now, they havent been able to round them up and find out. Our focus in San Pablo wont change though just keep teaching the gospel and helping people prepare for spiritual calamities.


Today we went back to the driving range again and President Peterson came with us actually and took us out to lunch afterward. The big winds from the storm bent over the poles holding up the nets at the range so when I wouldnt hit the ball straight it would land on the roof of this house to the side and then the nanay came out all mad and stuff. It was kind of ineresting spending 1 on 1 time with president and talking about the mission. I will send you a picture of that one actually. Another current thing was we did have transfer day but of course neither of us were transferred but we are effected where our zone got shuffled around and plus they added an extra area to our zone so we now have 26 missionaries here in San Pablo. Its crazy because I dont think im that old in the mission I thought I was still new. But the facts our against me because all 26 of those missionaries except 1 are younger than me in the mission so despite being 8 months away from the finish line our mission is all super new.


This week at church was awesome we had the most investigators at church in my whole time in this area. Including two families which are preparing to be baptized in December. They stayed for all three hours and I think they really like it but we arent going to them till tomorrow to teach again and ask them how it went. Im super excited for them though because in my whole mission I havent yet experienced a family conversion so if they continue it will be 2. One thing that we always hear from President Peterson that we cant just work hard and feel satisfied we need to work with an objective I have found that being a workaholic isnt the trick. If it makes sense that we need to get lost in our work/lives but have a place we want to go all I want to say would be finished.



Elder Polatis



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