Weekly Letter 11.18.2013: Binyag na! At may Darating pa!

Dear Fam,

This week was packed full. First off we had a baptism for Jhozel. Secondly we got something like 15 new missionaries that came from Tacloban that got hit by the Typhoon, we also had Missionary Leadership Council and Zone Training Meeting and on top of that Zone P-day. It seems like a lot of those things happened like last month when it was really just a few days ago but determining time on the mission is a little difficult.

The baptism when great its funny that Brittany mentioned getting an easy baptism last week because that’s the same situation here. We taught her all the lessons straight through and it never seemed like we were resolving concerns or struggling with Faith issues. It helps because her older sister got baptized a year ago and so we were just working with a part member. We saw it a good opportunity for one of the priests in the ward to baptize. Hes preparing for a mission. His name is Kazuki and he moved here from Japan like 3 years ago. His parents are still in Japan so whenever we are over there they are always on Skype and sometimes the missionaries are over at their house. So we talk to other American missionaries in Japan.

With the town of Tacloban completely destroyed they took all the missionaries from that mission and spread them out across other missions of the Philippines so 15 of them got sent here to San Pablo. None of them actually got put in my zone specifically so I haven’t met any of them. People say that town that got hit by the Typhoon is just going to turn into a ghost town now.

Back to the baptism though it was super weird what happened. We scheduled the baptism for Sunday morning before church so Sunday early we got to the chapel and bishop was preparing everything as we got closer we noticed he was sweeping the floor that had this little black dots all over it. When we got closer we realized they were beetles we don’t know what happened but somehow over night the church building got infested with beetles so we all grabbed a broom and had to sweep the whole church building down and we gathered a few garbage buckets full of thousands of beatles. The Philippines has tons of crazy little crawlers like that though. So it didn’t shock a lot of people.

This week I learned some very ineresting things at MLC from President Peterson. God uses the weak things of the world as instruments to show miracles and great power. I dont think he really meant to put the point that because were super young that makes us weak but we can definately feel inadequate. He referenced D&C 1:19 in teaching us this I also remembered my MTC branch president telling us that god doesnt need a bunch of super wise men and the top scholars in the world all he needs is someone with a pure heart to take his message to the four corners of the earth. I am really glad im out here right now at this time to be one of those weak instruments and at the same time being purified in the process.





DSC05355 DSC05351

Newest member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jhozel Mangrobang


Today for P-day the zone rented bikes and we went riding around the lake and drank buko juice which is coconut

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