Weekly Letter 11.24.2013: Hiwa

Dear Family,

As I look back on our week it seems like it was the blink of an eye and at the same time it was so jam packed that it seems like the interview we did last monday was really last month. We had a lot of really good experiences this week and were not giving up on those investigators I keep telling you about. Its ridiculous how in Brittany’s mission they can meet a kid and baptize him 5 days later. We have to get them to church 4 consecutive times before we can even put a drop of water in the font. So we actually have these investigators who have completely shared their conversion experiences with us but we just have to wait out the month so they can get baptized.

Yesterday we had stake conference and it was all about the June broadcast “Hastening the Work of Salvation.” Guess who the speaker was…lucky me. I have never had to talk to that many people at once. Me and than another RM who actually works at the MTC in Manila spoke and then President Peterson and his wife followed us. It was funny because the RM spoke in broken Taglish that was half understandable for the mission president but I was the only person who spoke pure Tagalog in my talk. It went good and I shared some personal experiences. One of our investigators actually joined the stake choir and participated in their performance. They even gave him formal attire to wear. Hes one of those people were saying were just waiting on for Dec. 7.

Sad story…our investigator died this week were had taught him three lessons and we went to him one day and he was excited to tell us all he learned from Joseph Smiths Testimony. The next day we went and they said he was in the hospital and he wasnt home for a week and then on Friday we were in his neighborhood and a bunch of kids ran up to tell us that he died. The way they do it in the Philippines is they have a viewing inside their home for a few days and just set up chairs. So we went by and the family had made a little stand of decorations next to his coffin of things that described him. Amongst those things was sitting The Book of Mormon that we gave him a picked it up and looked inside to see that he had a book mark placed in chapter 3. Life is really only a split second we talked to his daughter that was ten years old and she started crying when she said dads in heaven. We gave her a Plan of Salvation phamplet. It really felt good that I could say with confidence that gods plan for him will help their family be eternal and I even surprise myself to be bearing testimony of things that I never realized I knew was so true. But the spirit sometimes works to strongly to hold back what you truly believe.

Elder Polatis




DSC05380I get cracked up by some of the sayings that the drivers write on their vehicles.

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