Weekly email 12-15-2013: Lakad Matanda

Dear Fam,


Its goin swell in Sandy Pablo. Theres not really a whole lot of sand but who knows it is transfer week I might me sitting on a beach in my new area next P-day. Im really hoping not though because we have two baptisms this week and they already asked me to baptism I told them i cant promise because I might not even been in this area anymore. Really though to be ideal I have gone six months in two areas now so if I get to stay one more the makes 3 areas with six months a piece.


This week we didnt have a whole lot just meetings and zone things and workshops and then we visited a lot of members this week we are really looking for referrals right now. Especially with christmas coming up and the church preparing a big christmas party. We were thinking if a each member just brang a friend or their neighbor its bound to reap fruits of REFERRALS. Sometimes it seems like were begging missionaries just beg for referrals I even remember back home when we fed the missionaries they would always ask if we had any friends or someone interested in listening to the message. Now I know what they were thinking. Its really “The Lords Way” president Hinkley said it also.


We finally got to watch the Christmas devotional last night which was super good we even got a few of our investigators to show up. It was really nice to see a few really christmas trees and things. The people here do try to put some lights on a little house plant sometimes though but its nothing like a white christmas. Its actually going to be really fun to spend the holidays here in service people get more excited and happy. This all reminds me of something that happened this previous week. We were sitting in our apartment at 9:30 at night and we had just gotten done planning when all of a sudden theres a bunch of carolers outside of our apartment. Let me now give you a culture note. Carolers in the Philippines are not a bunch of jolly spirited people they are obnoxious kids with bad voices. At this point we just ignored it and let them sing cause we didnt want to give them money. I got changed into some shorts and things and they were still going at it so we said lets turn off the lights and look out the window to see who this is. As we preceded to spy on these persistant carolers we peeked out the window to see a bunch of well dressed youth waving at us. We humbled ourselves and came out of our apartment with a few pesos but when I reached out to give them the the money they reached out to shake our hands. Long story short they were members from another ward who saw the picture of Jesus on our door and knew it was missionaries. We laughed at ourselves and realized we need to be quick to observe because they were singing church hymns actually.


Merry Christmas,.

Elder Polatis





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