Weekly Letter 12-8-2013: Lagot na tayo


This week…………where to start. Well Im sure you saw the biggest news with our baptism. Ronald is a neighbor of one of our really good members and he has been taught by the missionaries off and on for a few years now hes a super good guy and sometimes a little to funny. For example when we were preparing him for the receive the priesthood he asked us what size the box is and if its gift wrapped and then after priesthood meeting he walked up to the young women and said I finally got the priesthood while proceeding to pull something out of his pocket. Hes a joker sometimes but can also be serious after his baptism he bore his testimony and made everyone in the whole room cry including our investigators who were like balling. There baptisms are next week by the way.

We had another missionary leadership council this week. Its really nice because we live like 15 min from the main stake center and most other zone leaders have the ride a crazy bus for six hours or take a boat ride from the island. Then again i do want to be assigned out on the island someday. Elder Hansen was out on the Mindoro island before this and he loves it and talks about it all the time and they baptize people in the ocean out there.

I also went on exchanges this week with one of the other San Pablo City wards that goes to the same church building as us so I already knew their Elders Quorum president. I told the Elders Quorum president I was going to work in their area so he came around to work with us. He is loaded with money he has a three story house with Air Conditioning and a few maids he owns some restaurants in town and also has a bakery. So he fed us a bunch of food and then for the first time in my mission we used a car to go to work he drove me and the other elder assigned in that area around to meet some of the less active members of the ward where we asked for referrals. It was a real good day meeting new people and seeing new scenery.

One thing Im really excited for is watching the christmas devotional and finding out what the 1st presidency wants this christmas to be for us. Its been a really good start to christmas and im glad we have a few baptisms to celebrate. One thing that we really probably dont understand is that none of the things we do on the earth even really matter if we didnt have a prophet that holds the keys he has delegated for every sacred ordinance that happens in our life’s all the way to a little sacrament for an island in the Philippines.


Elder Polatis


Ronald the 20year old is our baptism and the little boy is just an 8 year old child of record baptism



DSC01623This is lola zony shes 88 years old and lives in one of the areas we are at often. Whenever she sees us she gets all jolly and says elders. All she can ever talk about is her senior citizen group and how she loves ball room dancing she takes my hand and starts doing spins and bouncing on the toes of her feet and she kissed my companions hand. Normally I would be freaked out if it wasnt for many previous grandma experiences.



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