Weekly email 12-23-2013: Tawag Na!

Dear Family,


First news im not transferred. You might say that im very jolly to be here for Christmas it would just be hard to adjust to a new area like 5 days before Christmas. Plus we have a really good teaching pool that I don’t want to leave. Second news the baptism continued despite them being super nervous and almost backing out. The one sister told me that she had completely decided to cancel the baptism and had told her whole family and then before she texted us she prayed and couldn’t do it and then after a night of no sleep she prayed again and just kept praying until the baptism and then after she was baptized she cried some more. It was really awesome though seeing that she went through with it. As you can see from the pictures we still have a lot more work to get all those other people in white because the two sisters are the first members of their family. After the baptism we had a church Christmas party that started at 4 and ended at 9. They take their parties serious here haha. But it was actually really fun and we had a lot of investigators come to that also.


As for transfers this week it went well and our zone got shuffled around too. The mission is still growing and the put more missionaries in some of the areas so now there are 4 extra missionaries in our zone and we are over 30. Every ward in the zone except for ours and the mission home now has 4 missionaries in it so the works really progressing. Its also nice meeting other missionaries from the mission. Whats crazy is Elder Viloria my very first companion that trained me is now in my zone and his companion is Elder Langi who is an elder that Elder Hansen trained. In mission language my father in the mission is with my companions kid. Maybe the RM’s will get that sentence.


In the last few week we havent been able to help but see that god plays an active role in preparing investigators to receive revelation. One of our newest investigators brother boy is the neighbor of our newest member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. After a tragic jeepney accident where he was driving the person sitting next to him in front had to get his leg cut off and all other 16 passengers were hospitalized for after effects of his jeepney rolling over. Brother Boy the driver was the only one to come out unscathed and hes really shaken up about it. He approached us saying he wants to develop his relationship with god.


Another one of our investigators Tatay Gener is a very sad and depressed man living on his own down the street from our apartment. Right now his whole family is mad and giving him the cold shoulder for some sins he committed destroying his relationship with them. They all live in Italy and he says he just begs for forgiveness at night in his prayers. He is especially sad this christmas because so far not one of his kids have called him. Last week we tried super hard to commit him to come to church but he just gave us the cliche answer that he cant promise. When sunday rolled around we walked by his house and his tricycle was gone so we continued to church. In our next lesson the following day he was shocked to tell us that last sunday as he was out driving he picked up a passenger going to church at the Mormons. When he dropped off the passenger he looked at the building saying so this is the LDS church but he didn’t attend because he said he was shy only wearing sandals. Well its a sad ending that despite god putting his hand in his path and literally brang him to the church he rejected the sign. But its a testimony builder to me that gods doing his part also.


Elder Polatis







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