Weekly email sent 1.6.2014: Bulaga!

Dear Family,


We had another average week and to tell the down right truth we only have one truly progressing investigator right now which makes it harder to focus on this area knowing that theres not a whole lot more I can accomplish here before im transferred to a new area. Im just fighting those normal missionary feelings of getting thrown all over the place.


We had a zone p-day today where we went and got on this raft thing that has like a hut on it that you ride around one of the 7 San Pablo Lakes and than you can hike up and see this other lake and they gave us coconut to eat and the best was probably the hyper little monkey who stole pesos and wouldnt give them back. President Peterson actually barely allowed us to do it because it was on water but we talked him into it in the end. It was good because unlike brittany’s vacation in Peru we are only allowed to get together on P-day once a transfer just kidding Brittany but it seems like they do a lot of activities.


It seems like new year was a long time ago but that was this week pala. We had to be in our apartment by 6pm and just hang out while everyone in the philippines played with fireworks and alcohol. Its not a good mix our members said theres always tons of injuries. for like three days straight there were firework tents set up all over the town and it looked like they were preparing for WW3. Our neighbors that live in the apartment above us invited us to come over for dinner though and they had some really good stuff there.


They best thing I can probably say about this week is that we taught Tatay Calingasan for the first time. His wife and three daughters were baptized 2 years ago and to this date are the most faithful members I have met my entire time in the Philippines. They are my favorite and we have really been working hard with their dad and gotten pretty close to hime. So for christmas I gave them a really big picture of the temple in a frame to hang on the wall. This and many other simple actions has softened his heart and we were able to teach him the other day. So tonight we have a Family Home Evening at their house. Were actually super excited to see if he starts progressing. Eternal Families remains to be the most appealing doctrine to anyone we come in contact with. I really hope its something that their family can experience some day.


Love Elder Polatis


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