Weekly email sent 12/29/2013

Dear Fam,


Its still about the exact same as it was when I talked to you only a few days ago face face. Our christmas went just splendid we went around and visited some more investigators and members and then had to spend the night in our apartment because they gave us a curfew so we wouldnt be disturbing anyones drinking parties. Its very common to have a group of guys just sitting on the side of the road with a big bottle of liquor in the middle but this christmas season it has been ridiculous. The other day we were walking down the road and coming upon a drunk walking very weary toward us when he stopped suddenly and laid face down in the middle of the road my companion took a picture.


We have been teaching this one less active couple that has a nine year old unbaptized little girl. They went less active because sister had a stroke about 5 years ago and she lost feeling in a lot of her body after that she gained a lot of weight. Lately we have noticed that shes been walking around excessively she kindof just walks in circles outside of the front door for excercise. Well she over exerted herself and had a heart attack and died. It was super sad and doesnt it seem like I have had way to many deaths in my mission so far. After learning of the death we went and taught brother the plan of salvation. He was all sad cause he was saying her body is going to the dust. It seemed that he didnt fully understand the doctrine of Resurrection so as we read a scripture about the body returning back to its perfect for he looked up at us and we were surprised to hear the english words come out of his mouth “Elders I already now my wife is going to be sexy in the resurrection” At least despite the tragedy in his life he still has a sense of humor.


We also have this one neighbor down the street from us that we have grown close to recently. Shes a retired social worker and college professor in psychology. She is filthy rich or something because she just gives away money like crazy to little kids on the street and treats them to Jollibee(a kid loving Filipino fast food place). Shes not to interested in taking lessons right now but she enjoys reading the Liahonas we give her and she makes copies of certain articles to share with her senior citizens. This January she wants us to help her in a little community service project which we were more than glad to accept and hopefully acts of service will really start to show the true meaning of Christianity. The other day she invited us to come over for lunch with her so we just stopped by her house and she wanted us to put her prayers she wrote on a paper please pray for my brother and his lawyer who is a good man and also Lola ma’am for protection against evil neighbor. She thinks the whole world is out to get her and its kind of ironic that she studied psychology because she is losing it a little bit.


After spending another christmas in Philippines I learned more about how something you hear prophets say all the time along the lines of take what comes and love it. Its really cool to celebrate christmas in a new culture and experience things a new way. Sometimes you have to give some things up to get more. That sounds like gambling but its not its more along the lines of what Jesus Christ said in Mathew 16:25-For whosoever shall save his life shall lost it;and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it



Elder Polatis


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