Weekly Letter 1.12.2014: Basta basta!

Dear Family,

I feel like we have just been trying to suck referrals out of members this last week. The funny thing whenever theres a good referral its when the missionaries didnt even ask for it. So its really just a lesson of patience and learning we work on the lords time when hes ready and when we have earned it. We have in fact been getting some good referrals recently but they have only been coming from our recent converts. The new investigator they referred is named Jean. She is a single mother of a 5 year old daughter. We taught her every other day last week and she has been intently listening.

We also had a zone meeting last week in which me and Elder Hansen gave out last workshop together. Our focus lately in the mission has been working with the ward. The church does run even quite as smoothly here as it does in America. We actually had the third ward council meeting of my whole mission yesterday and we have a PEC meeting scheduled for the end of the month. Its kind of Ironic because in the zone meeting we taught we practiced taught how an actually effective ward council should go. It was also really cool because our recent convert that was baptized in December is now the 1st counselor in the young womens and so she attended a ward council meeting also.

This last week all the sister from my batch coming into the mission went home. Its just us boys left. Girls only have to serve 18 months because they can accomplish everything they need to in what us elders can only do in 2 years. I actually have noticed though its a long process trying to acquire and develop even just one christlike attribute. One of the couple missionaries taught it to us like this. That over time we become calloused to certain things and becomed hardened and stuck in a way. In order to remove that callouse it takes twice the effort. This next area I go into could be my last which means it should be my best if I have truly removed all of the callouses and prepared how I need to.

Elder Polatis


This was last P-day at Pandin Lake

This was last P-day at Pandin Lake


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