Weekly email 1.27.2014: Bakit Hindi!

Hey Family,


Im sure your anticipating a baby a lot more than this email but you can read this and write me back to pass the time. It was a great week to end off my time in San Pablo. We did a lot of tracting this week and we got into 2 houses so yeah not the best but we still have some pretty solid previous investigators. Yesterday we went to both our wards church and another because our time is 1 pm and our investigators couldnt make it in the afternoon we just went to the other ward in the morning and also our own ward. It was crazy because they already have 4 missionaries plus there was another companionship of missionaries that were visiting the ward before they go home and then the couple missionaries decided to stop by so there were ten missionaries in the one ward. But it was fun to because we have a lot of friends also in that ward where they boarder each other and share the same building.


We had a way awesome experience where more than a month ago we placed a Book of Mormon with a lady at a store and set a return appointment. When we went to the appointment she wasnt there and we didnt think she was even inerested so we didnt go back. The other day I was on exchanges with another elder and she saw us and apologized for not being at the appointment and asked if we could come by the next day and she would bring the Book of Mormon. So to this point nothing to super extra ordinary. But from here me and Elder Hansen really felt guided we went to the relative area she said her house is we got pointed directly to a house at it was very obvious which one. For some reason when we got to the house I decided instead of going to knock directly on the house we would ask the neighbors first. Their neighbor was a very nice big home with a car(thats saying something). The guy came out and I just asked him if he knew the lady we were looking for of course he did. He looked like a very educated guy so from the start we spoke english. The Lady who was expecting us got jittery and came outside to see if we were coming and when she saw us talking to her neighbor she invited him as well. Ended up being one of the best Restoration lessons we have ever taught and they are already diving in to the Book Of Mormon. Now heres the sad part. Im transferred on Thursday ugh. I dont know where or with who but that will be the big news next week.


This could just possibly be my last area if the pattern continues and I spend 6 months in my last area. Who knows. But I have thought it out very carefully and of where theres not a whole lot of zone leader areas I have somewhat limited options. One of which is the island of Marinduque where the ZL’s have a van how sweet is that ha. They say its super beautiful over there though. Im excited to see whereever and im getting myself read to hit the ground running.



Elder Polatis

 a glimpse at one of our better days of the week ;)

a glimpse at one of our better days of the week 😉


This is a new path we traveled this week

This is a new path we traveled this week


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