Weekly Letter 1-19-2014: Ano ang Masasabi ko?

This week really cruised and it doesnt seem like we got a whole lot done. This area has been tough on finding people to teach to be honest. After those baptisms last week our teaching pool got cut down big time. This week was probably particularly hard because it was Coco Fiesta week here. Wednesday was the main event of the whole thing and we ended up having 6 eating appointments between the hours of 1-6. We learned where a lot more of the members went and we sang “Amazing Grace”on the Karaoke machine they have. One of the days they had street dancing where the schools dressed up in crazy weird colorful suits. The whole situation just made me realize that the whole thing was pretty much a replay of the movie Madagascar where are the little Lemurs party and dance around. Especially where the Mayor of the town stood up on this big stage in the middle of town just as though he was King Julian. It was a vivid experience.


Other than that were still teaching sister Joans husband Albert. He was doing so good he kept saying dont worry elders I havent drank since last year which only really means about 10 days. Then comes the fiesta and he blew it all. We did our usual chastizement and explained to him there are no occasions for word of wisdom it had more effect to because our bishop came with us to the lesson. Were trying to do every out of the box idea to find and teach our investigators effectively.


Finally we had zone interviews this last friday. The AP’s taught the first hour of the meeting and me and Elder Hansen taught the second hour while 1 by one everyone got interviewed. It all went well and President Peterson gave us a super broad topic to teach “The Doctrine of Christ” which we had fun with. All is well, Its kind of ineresting how much different interviews go with President my second half of the mission when I was new he talked the whole time and now its flipped around.


We did find one new solid investigator though this week. Hes 18 and studying in information technology. Hes a really nice kid for being 18. For instance when we first met him we asked if we could share and instead of getting the usual answer I have heard a thousand times. He said yeah Im not doing anything else sure. Then we taught him the first lesson just about the Book of Mormon and he dug it up. The Book of Mormon really is the true reason why the Singapore guy got baptized not because of the Osborn’s. I dont know what I would do with out that evidence. Missionary work wouldnt get anywhere. Definately True!


Elder Polatis





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