Weekly email 2-3-2014: Despidida y Bienvenida

Hey Family,


So since you have no news I will spill my own news. I am not actually on an island which I predicted. Actually Im in Lucena city which is on the way going back to my last area in Calauag. Lucena is even a bigger city than San Pablo. I actually already like it more its a cleaner city and more organized plus our apartment couldnt be in a more ideal place. We live right behind the stake center. This is the only stake in the mission that also has an institute building. I was shocked when I went in they have a fooz ball table in there and one of the rooms is like a band studio with instruments. The one room looks exactly like our seminary back home. Then down the street only like 100 feet theres a 7-11 that sales all of our necessities we dont really have to travel very much because most of the neighborhoods are just surrounding the church. The hard thing about all of this is that my new companion is just as new to the area as I am. We are doing what is called reopening because both elders got pulled out of here last transfer.


My new companion is Elder Mallari. Of course he is Filipino but he has some family in Ohio. He was born in the church just like me. Hes just about to hit his one year mark in the mission. He is a super humble guy. I get a crack out of the slang english he knows. Sometimes he acts like a third grader but that doesnt get in the way of our work at all. Hes a very nice elder and I am excited to work with him. Another interesting fact about my new area is that there are actually 4 of us in our apartment. The other 2 elders are also assigned in our ward so to be honest we kind of have to compete for referrals. We try not to get in each others way though and it shouldnt be any problem. Their names are Elder Kikel and Elder Strobelt from Utah and Australia. They are both under 6 months in their mission.


I dont really have any problem actually being assigned in this area. This is actually the biggest zone in the mission we have 36 missionaries. Thats going to be crazy beacuase were going to have to hold zone meetings in the chapel. They also say that this is the most well functioning stake in the whole mission. For the first time I actually saw them take attendence during church. This is compared to the island which is branch with lacking leadership.


I can once again testify that Heavenly Father guides us to those who are ready to accept the gospel. Our first day we had nothing to do but tract. The third house we came to we found a 25 year old guy living buy himself who had just moved there he just moved here from southern Philippines and he says hes super bored because he never leaves the house and doesnt really know anyone in San Pablo. What a better place for him than the church right? Hes a very nice guy and has an open heart. Our first stumbling block with him is he actually doesnt speak fluent Tagalog because he speaks a language called Visaya in that part of the Philippines. Either way he has potential.



Elder Polatis

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