Weekly email 2-10-2014: Puno’t Dulo

Howdy Family,

Well it was an eventful week but not full of much progress. reopening is pretty tough because we just have to build our teaching pool from the ground up. But we got a few investigators now that we are working hard on. Of course I already told you about my weekend excursion. So we had Missionary Leadership Council in San Pablo on Friday and then right after that we jumped on a bus to Manila. Traffic was horrible in that monster city it was a ton of stop and go stuff. I was very tempted to get off the bus when I saw the first Wendy’s of my mission. But I endured and when we got to the Missionary Recovery Center they fed us pizza which is right next to the MTC so we talked with some of the teachers who were headed home. Its was a very ineresting place there were three missionaries in there when we got there. One Tongan with a foot infection, an elder from Malaysia who had a Hernia, and then a sister from california who we were told has some kind of psychological problem. We got on a bus the next day and came home.

This last fast sunday I fasted to get help from the members to establish our teaching pool. So in short I was fasting for referrals. Well heavenly father had his own ideas on how to answer that one. Tuesday morning just as we sat down to study we got a text from the mission office of a referral. This is what we call in preach my gospel a media referral. A media referral pretty much means it came from church headquarters. So that got us a little bit excited. It had a number on it so I called him up and asked him how he found out about the church. He said his best friend gave him a book of mormon and hes been reading it everyday. This friend of his had put in the referral that hes super prepared and ready to be taught so I asked him more about his friend. He told me that she lives in the United States in a place called Idaho. Well of course I know a little bit about Idaho so he was probably a little taken back when I jumped on what he said demanding to know what city his friends from. But he just gave me the simple reply of Chubbuck, Idaho. This is even more extra ordinary because elder Saunders who is from Chubbuck itself is just in a neighboring area and we already have exchanges set up to work with him. So were going to go teach him together this Wednesday. Just by way of information he said his friends name is Merlyna Hawes. Just by chance they might be in the same ward as Keshia. I have never had a fast so clearly answered and its crazy how it could be answered by someone all the way back home on the other side of the world.


Elder Polatis


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