Weekly email 2.17.2014: Mabuting Adhikain

Well Family,


This week was pretty good I guess there are a few memories made. The first thing I guess I will talk about is the first thing that comes to my mind. Last saturday afternoon we were standing just outside of the church with our bishop when a guy shows up out of no where saying he has three questions. They were just simple doctrine questions that he was like demanding answers for. It was kinda funny actually because he was completely crazy and had no point to his statements. Not far away was also the stake president. We have run into a lot of bible bashers but thats the first time that anyone has worked up the nerve to walk in to our church and do it. It was really funny though when he was telling us all these things in the bible and we asked him to show us and he said he didnt bring his bible and wanted to borrow ours. He said that mormons wont be saved in heaven. Theres a lot of stiffnecked people like that here.


We went on exchanges twice this week. First with the assistants and second with Elder Saunders the one from chubbuck. By the way we contacted that referral I was telling you about last week. We learned some new things he really is reading the Book of Mormon like he told us when we were texting hime and hes almost done with 2 Nephi. He actually taught us about the Book of Mormon when we sat down. He understood everything and we hadnt even taught him yet. I guess he has actually already started taking the lessons over the phone with a sister missionary from the Philippines that is assigned in Utah. So the church is true. Pretty soon hes going to get handed over to us so we can teach him face to face.


Siempre its been hard to reopen but taking it day by day really helps to just goal for a good day everyday. President has been having us study this talk about becoming a consecrated missionary. It was given at the MTC and really teaches a lot about self-discipline. Its a really funny concept to think that your happier when you dont do what you want but instead do what god wants you. It seems like every stage of my mission starting from my interview with president Anderson until now has been focused around Mosiah 3:19. To be honest on Valentines Day we didnt get one single appointment because everyone had their dates. But I still was happy at the end of the day because we had worked hard and did everything in us.



Elder Polatis

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