Weekly email 3.3.2014: Nanalo sa lotto!

Dear Family,

Ugh….That family of all the girls thats progressing didnt make it to church. But dont worry it was just a fluke and the baptism is still on. Bishop actually came with us on saturday to teach them. It was kind of ineresting because we asked him to explain a little about how repent and he ended up teaching a completely different lesson in detail about the Law of Chastity but as the spirit guides. Its funny because Im finding a lot of really large families. This one is a family of 11 girls plus we are teaching the husband and kid of one of them so it turns into a lecture than anything. But they are great always asking questions and the little two year old is obsessed with balls he finds it funny to walk around and throw his ball at peoples faces during the lesson.

If I can bring you back to about 8 months ago I was in the small town of Calauag, Quezon. There was a particular brother we worked with for months trying to get his marriage finalized. But in the last moments of that area I got him baptized. Well he is the father of 13 I somehow remembered that he had a kid here in Lucena so pulling a couple of strings I got permission to give him a call and ask for the address of his kid. Turns out its in my area and he lives about a 5 minute walk away from bishop. It was a sweet experience being able to find him. At first he just gave me a funny look and a fish like handshake not to mention we walk him up from his nap. I tried to explain to him that his father had joined a new religion and was now known as a latter day saint or as they like to call them in these parts mormons. That funny look was still on his face. Luckily I had previously discerned that our approach might be a little awkward so I came prepared with the picture of his fathers baptism. Now I got some response out of the guy. We sat him down taught them the Restoration turns out his wife is an avid reader and their conversion is off to a good start. Remind me to keep you updated on how he progresses. So far 2 out of those 13 kids have been baptized and brother will be the third. The gospel really does bring families together!

I have one more story before I retire for next week. So I can never remember which investigators I have told you about or not but we have this one guy who is getting baptized on the 15th. He already tells everyone he is mormon. But he is very awkward he is a 32 year old bachelor and always wants to talk about girls with us. I think I actually explained that he wanted to give a sister missionary a love letter which we did not let happen. He has also asked us to meet him at the mall before and then he proceeded to introduce us to all the sales ladies that from the looks of it he has been stocking them for a while now. Anyway his weird act of the week was he showed up for church and asked if he could bare his testimony also. I almost told him no but I exercised my faith and let him do it. Well everything went normal as he was talking about the blessings he has received since he started taking the lessons such as winning the small town lottery. We have just finished teaching him the Law of Chastity and we really laid down the law when we did it. Well he spent about 5 minutes testifying of marriage and how he really really really wants to get married and have a baby. hahaha!

Elder Polatis


We got tired of doing our washing buy hand the 100 peso rent for this nifty machine was well worth it

We got tired of doing our washing buy hand the 100 peso rent for this nifty machine was well worth it

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