Weekly email 3.24.2014: Ang Bongga!

Polateeez Family,

This is the true pronunciation of Polatis by your everyday Filipino. To be honest the week was a downer. I have still been up and down strength wise. But we did get a little bit of work done. To put it simply our teaching pool is now stagnant or unchanging which isnt good. The problem is we havent been able to get out and meet people and continue progressing so we kind of hit a wall and fell over. But its all good we still do have some really quality investigators and to look on the brightside. I still have more investigators coming to church than I have had in my whole mission.

Lately I have been telling you about the Zamora family the one that is the family of 11 kids and the other ones live on this island called Polilo. Well sister doesnt want to get married shes scared or something. She just says its not the right time and shes unsure. Flip side she is sure that the church is true. So pretty much were are just relating everything to how the gospel benefits the family and if she has a gospel based family theres no chance for failure. I do have a feeling shes on the verge of making the decision. Because the situation is she is living with brother Wally who is a less active that moved here but now he actually has been to church for 2 months so he is and active member pala. Well when she decides she will have a big effect on her family. Because she is the oldest of the 11 children and 5 others will be baptized when she does also. Kind of like a water Buffalo when you finally get it to do what you want its a slow and steady moving mass of weight and nothing can stand in its way. Secondly they move in herds. I really love the whole family they are all really smart and accepting but we just have to wait and continue to respect their decisions.

Well I want to tell you something but I dont know how else to say it but in missionary talk so…if you could all open your preach my gospel to page 145 and read about goals. I wouldnt have got anywhere these last two years if I wouldnt have created a vision from the start. The truth is I didnt really form this vision of what I wanted to do on my mission. It started from the expectations I felt people had on me. First what god expected of me and then of course all of you as my family and then of course everyone else friends ward members previous teachers or leaders. When we sit down with a brand new investigator lots of times we have a vision for them that they are not reconciled with. But were taught to start every lesson by setting expecatations. This lets them know what they have the potential to become. Two years ago I had just barely received a letter that would send me to a foreign country I knew nothing about. Much the same I hand people a little pamphlet called the restoration on a daily basis. They dont know much about it…they cant see the big picture. It always starts by small and simple means. I cant say I perfected myself but Im glad I have met some of those expectations and im proud of what I have accomplished here in the mission. Only thing left to do is finish.

Elder Polatis


Family Land

Family Land


My lovely dish of fried fish. We now have cooking assignments on a weekly basis! My lovely dish of fried fish. We now have cooking assignments on a weekly basis!

My lovely dish of fried fish. We now have cooking assignments on a weekly basis!


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