Weekly email 3.31.2014

Dear Fam,

Yeah it was an ok week you could say so. Ummm we had a zone conference but we all showed up for it except for one person! Our mission president…yeah he got super sick and had to go to the doctor in Manila. But I think it was just a fluke and hes better now. I did put a dimmer on our meeting though the Assistants just had to step in and cover for him. One reason why I would not enjoy being an AP. Zone Conferences are always fun though because we get togther as three zones for it and I saw a lot of missionaries that I havent talked to in a long time.

Yeah so the family the one with the marriage problem still arent preparing for a wedding but by the lord sees fit to test my patience and long suffering right now. Here is a portion of the email I sent to my mission president talking about them.

Zone Con isnt the same without you but it was none the less an enjoyable spiritual experience. Yeah were not doing so hot president. I think I will try to be like president Uchtdorf and apply our work to air planes. Last transfer we were climbing in altitude with the engine throttled. Then our engines failed dun dun dun. Now were going nose down and working on starting up the backups. But dont worry were not going to pull the parachutes yet. Just give us one more week.

I think I want to tell you about this investigator family were working with I know I have told you about them previously. They are the family that is going to be the key to opening the church on the island of Polilo out of Infanta. The father has been home a lot lately visiting because his daughters have been finishing school and graduating. He is a great guy sincere and listens intently. Five of his daughters have now attended church the 4 times they are all living the word of wisdom and they want to get baptized. BUT the eldest sister has a living with our less active brother out of wedlock and she is undecided about getting married while brother is all for it. The thing is we want to baptize all of them together including her one kid which will include a completed family. We have done everything in the books to help her make the decision and I think shes getting close especially since the whole family has committed to fast this sunday regarding baptism. So what do you say? Lets get them baptized and then you can send me out to open the island and maybe I will just have to extend my mission.

Yup that pretty much explains our week and how its going. I am not sure what your fifth sunday was about back home. But here in the Philippines everyone in all the 21 missions had a special DVD presentation about family history for sunday school. Its really ineresting to see the progress the church is making here. They are working really hard to get the church up to date. To be honest I have never been inerested in doing Family History because I figured I would just have a hard time and get stuck and frustrated because Alanna has already done a lot of working tracing way back. But I realized its not about if you find anyone or not its about learning about their lives and finding connections with the people you are serving proxy for. That is something that will be nice to look forward to in July. Going to the temple!

Elder Polatis


Hey thats ME!

Hey thats ME!

Yeah this was a good morning!!!! French toast and that one bottle of syrup costs a fortune in the Philippines. My rice belly would probably be inappropiate to put on the blog by the way.

Yeah this was a good morning!!!! French toast and that one bottle of syrup costs a fortune in the Philippines. My rice belly would probably be inappropiate to put on the blog by the way.

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