Weekly email 4/7/2014: Palo sa Mukha

Dear Family,

We had a good week I guess ha. Theres always the pros and cons but I could probably say the pros outweighed the cons this time. First things first I will tell you about the zamora families progress….there is none! Well at least in terms of getting married but we may just baptize the others with out sister. Yesterday was a really good testimony meeting for them actually. Brother Wally the one member of this family who is less active and the live in partner got up and bore his testimony in front of his in-laws. It was very powerful to exactly what they needed actually.

We had another Missionary Leadership Council on Friday. I think this might be my last meeting of my mission because next transfer I may not be a zone leader anymore. I think President might have me train right before I go home. But who knows whats in the box. It was a really good meeting. Right now our mission is focusing on church attendance and so lots of our meetings with other missionaries are focused around how thats going to happen. In the past we have had training plans on using the Book of Mormon more effectively and working with members.

Theres not a whole lot of news. We did teach a really cool lesson last night. We have an investigator who has wanted to get baptized for 3 months now he is completely active and seems like a member but hes not married and the situation is complicated. But we have finally got his wife to start listening to us and then out of no where his mom decided to also sit in the lesson. We taught the plan of salvation and all of a sudden they started opening up and asking questions and fireworks started going off and our dear brother who wants to get baptized is all excited about the progress they are making. This is the Tan family just for further reference if I mention them in the future.

Your Beloved,
Elder Polatis


Lucena Zone

Lucena Zone

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