Weekly email 4.14.2014: Sa Aking Olibohan

Dear Family,

So first off we got to talk about conference. If you noticed Ian S. Ardern gave the opening prayer in the saturday afternoon session, he is the guy that interviewed me about a year ago. He is also in the Philippines Area Presidency. You probably paid a little bit more attention to the talk by Michael Teh. He is a Filipino and was the president of the area presidency when I first got into the mission. And of course anyone who talks about olympics in conference has my vote! Thats the most olympic news I got my whole mission. I really liked how he talked about the 4 minutes. I am going to use that with our investigators and tell them to stop procrastinating.

Well theres a little bit of sad news. The zamora family that we have been working with for about 2 months just got out for school vacation and went home to the island of Balesin. They wont be back till the end of may and I probably wont be in this area at the end of may. But we do have two investigators coming up for baptism Its a mom and a daughter. The mom has been cruising through the book of mormon the last month. She is now in Alma chapter 10. The daughter is a little more of a tough situation. She is 11 but is to shy to go to primary. Their names are Cora the mom and Cora Jane the daughter. I told her we should just call her CJ to make it unconfusing but she said thats a boy name.

Earlier this morning we went to a beach as a zone and I got fried. My tender skin that hasnt seen sun in 21 months is now crimson red. The stinging hasnt started but I think its coming. We had a good time and that completes another week.

Elder Polatis

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