Weekly letter 4.28.2014: Ano ga arey?

Hey Family,

So I am back in Batangas the land of my forefathers. The Batangas province is actually where my first area was and now it will also be my last. Its ineresting here because they actually speak a different for of tagalog and use a different vocabulary. But I havent had any problem adjusting I still remember it from when I was in Batangas before.

So I must start with the story of Adrian. If you remember the investigator i was teaching in my last area that was a referral from a lady in Idaho. I was so excited to teach him and then It went all down the drain because he picked up another job and moved away. Well guess where he moved to….Batangas City!!!! So first thing I did when I got here was went looking for him. Turns out the members now him as ding dong the rockstar. When he moved to months ago I gave him the address of the church and I sent his information to the missionaries here. He came to church twice in those last 2 months. But I dont know what the missionaries have been doing because he wasnt being taught. So I called him up told him I was here and then he came to church and we taught him the plan of salvation. He has been reading the book of mormon also. Hes now in Alma 62. So it sounds like this is meant to be. Hes golden. He comes to church, he reads the book of mormon alot, he is also being taught by sister missionaries in Salt Lake and his referral over a conference call, and somehow out of the 100 areas in the mission I could have been transferred to I followed him to Batangas. It sounds like god is really working hard on this one guy. But through all of this brother Adrian doesnt see this. He said he wont set a baptismal goal date and he is a little iffy about appointments. But I guess thats what we call agency.

My companion, Elder Abekoon, from Sri Langka is actually a super happy funny guy. He cooks just about anything you can put curry powder in but the chicken curry is still the best. Actually to be honest I cook it as he reads me the recipe from his mom written in some kind of swirly sign language. I was really comfortable in my last area with how everything was. I didnt really want to step out of my comfort zone. I was apprehensive to start over in another area with another companion. But we have had a great start. The previous elders in this area have been super lazy. The members here are just sitting on referrals but I dont think they trusted previous elders. My very first night here I got fed like 3 times. Theres one member here that has 3 missionaries out including one who is serving at the Oakland Temple visitors center. They fed us Ice Cream and oreos live in a house with air conditioning and took us home to our apartment in there 2014 Mitsuibuishi Montero. He actually asked me if I want to drive…of course he was kidding he is also an RM himself. All of the members here a super nice like that also.

You probably noticed in my last email I wasnt to happy about this transfer. I was actually being really stubborn and the opposite of humble. Its been tough starting over. But once I got here i saw a little bit more of god’s reasons for doing this to me. It will also keep me focused till the end.

Elder Polatis


Me and Elder Strobelt got transferred.

Me and Elder Strobelt got transferred.

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