Weekly letter 5.12.2014: Kulang Kulangin

Dear Fam,

I hope those pictures due you in for the next week since this email will be somewhat short. I figure the more pictures the shorter my email can be just kidding. I enjoy relaying my weekly progress to you. I guess you could say its the principle of accountablility.

So we have really found working with members succuessful here in Batangas they are doing great and gave us a few referrals this past week. Plus they are feeding us all the time they are super nice here. The sister you saw earlier in the skype fed us lunch earlier. The ineresting thing here is that we have found two less active members here while tracting both of which were priesthood holders with non member wifes and kids and willing to let us share with them. Thats where most of our success has come from so far. As a not of interest. We have a really good Elders Quorum president here. He has only been a member for 3 years and he works with us all the time and is always looking for priesthood to reactivate. But thats not the interesting part. He was a complete gay before he was baptized. When you say gay in the Philippines its not just tight jeans I mean all out gay in every way. But he has really made a change in his life. Hes still really femmy like but I think its really cool that he changed and is so active in the church. Hes always willing to work with us when we need it.

Next week na lang,
Elder Polatis


Mainit nga!

Mainit nga!


The Melo Family!

The Melo Family!

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