Weekly letter 5.5.2014: Balik Bayan

Hello My Fam,

Well inch by inch were building the area up here in Batangas. Sometimes it seems more like centimeter by centimeter since we are on the metric system. But we are improving. Were building a good teaching pool off of some good referrals. My companion and I are having a hoot. He is a really crazy indian guy. But hes not really indian hes from Sri Langka and he gets mad when people call him Indian but saying indian is the only way to describe it. They other day we played a prank on the other elders by breaking into there apartment and making it look like they got robbed. We just took all of their valuables and put them in a box in the middle of the room. So now they are taking precautions thinking theres really a robber getting into their apartment. Some of you might be able to understand when I say loko-loko ang companion ko hahaha. Hes a really fun guy to be with and has a really good attitude that connects us with the members more.

Heres and investigator update. That investigator that I was the referral from Idaho from now on I will just say Adrian. He came to church and we taught him again. He never has time during the week. He is actually a rockstar guy he sings in a band all night long and sleeps during the day and they place where he stays is a off limits area or known as the red zone. No missionaries are allowed to go there because its pretty much sodom and gamorrah. Despite that hes still progressing. Another investigator we have thats progressing is kind of an awkward situation. So one of the missionaries that is currently serving but from this ward has a non member girl friend so through a few members we got a hold of her and have been teaching her. But sometimes I just wonder if its because she just has a boyfriend thats mormon. Putting all of that aside though she is flying through the book of mormon and I think she enjoyed church also. They members actually do a really good job with church service here. All of the lessons are prepared and they maintain pretty good reverance. Yesterday in testimony meeting the first one to go up was a 10 year old girl and she was talking about her dream to become a celebrity and she knows that heavenly father will help her accomplish that. She was hilarious but it was a really good meeting.

“Enduring to the End” something really tough to do on a mission I have found. Not that im saying I want to go home or homesick or I cant finish. I dont want you to be misinterpreted. What I mean is its hard to keep that momentum and fire steady on a constant upward straight. The farther up I get the more gravity there is forcing me back down. You think that once you get the language down or after reading preach my gospel numberless times and having notebooks full of notes that it will just be free sailing till the end and everything will go just the way I need. But I found something to be true from a talk by Henry B. Eyring called “Mountains to Climb”. God is never going to let us off easy. First reason is because he has intrusted us with the knowledge of the gospel. “With great power comes great responsibility” -Uncle Ben

Take care until next week,
Elder Polatis

P.S. Mothers day is already here. I will call on Monday morning maybe around 10. So that will be Sunday evening for all of you.

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