Weekly email 5.12.2014: Manggagantso!

Dear Family,

Well our teaching pool didnt have a whole lot of changes this last week we are just focusing on the same people and same commitments. Orginally we were supposed to have Stake Conference this last week and then they changed it to June so we had to change some plans with our investigators. But it worked out for the best because the stake center is almost an hour away in Lipa. Most investigators arent so willing to give us half of there sunday afternoon. Its still the same story I feel like were trying to drag people to church. Its really nice though because I know once we get the investigators there the ward will really accept them and they will enjoy the experience.

Last night we had a Family Home Evening with a less active family and the oldest daughter just got married to a non member so he joined us and we hope to see him at church soon. The Family Home Evening was really big a lot of the members came so it was more like 3 families. The members here are great we just show up on there doorstep and they sit us down and feed us plus we have a dinner calender. The only thing is they are also a very busy ward so we dont get them to work with us a whole lot. For example our ward mission leader is the marketing counselor for a university here and he along with his 3 brothers just set up a restaurant selling burger (very good american style burger). So with all of that we have a tough time coordinating with him.

On the 27th of May Elder Craig Christensen is going to visit our mission so we get to go to San Pablo on that day. I guess he is the president of one of the quorum of the seventies so were getting into the big shots. Actually note of interest in 2012 a month before I came here to the mission Elder David A. Bednar came to San Pablo mission and spoke and I barely missed him sayang. I started to realize how much it means to have living authorities so close to us though. I have taught a lot of people that really open up there eyes when you simply say “The twelve apostles are alive” and after all of that we live only two hours away from where they regularly meet. I know were in some good hands in this church and that it makes all the difference to have a church that is so alive with living prophets and apostles.

Elder Polatis

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