Weekly email 6.1.2014: Itaga mo sa Bato!

Hey Family,

On the way here to the computer shop we talked to a guy on the Jeepny(Filipino Bus). Hes a pastor for the catholic church. We struck up a conversation and he started asking us a little more about the church. Coming from the market with all of our groceries we couldnt carry our scriptures anymore. Being unprepared low and behold the next person to ride the Jeepny was one of our recent converts Joseph who is carrying with him in his hand a copy of his Book of Mormon English Version. The pastor was showing us in his Bible how we need to enjoy Jesus Christ so we showed him in the book of mormon 2 Nephi 25:26 and he seemed pretty content right there that we firmly believe in Jesus Christ. He requested a personal copy of the Book of Mormon right there and accepted a visit. It was really cool because our recent convert got into the missionary action. He is also preparing to serve and getting really excited about it.

The rest of our week honestly was not to successful we got punted a lot and the one investigator that is on the verge of being baptized is being held back because she is a minor with limited support from her less active family. So despite being ready prepared and also passing the interview her baptism is depending wether her parents go to church on sunday and if so we will hold the service right after church service. So we could use your prayers there.

Actually speaking of prayer. This last Tuesday when Elder Craig Christensen visited out of all topics to teach a group of missionaries he chose to teach us more about prayer. It was really good and made me realize the perspective I am on with my personal prayers. Now that I think more about it there were a few members from our ward yesterday that told personal experiences about prayer in their testimonies. Dont forget to PRAY.

Elder Polatis

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