Weekly email 6.16.2014: Aking Diwata

Dear Family,

Well theres still hope. Even though you are on a count down I am trying to put the emergency brake on to slow down the time. We have 5 investigator on track that still have hope to be baptized before I leave. Including this one family that came to church last week its a parents and two kids and then a new born baby. I was really feeling good about them. They seemed so golden and they are. But yesterday they were all lined up to go to stake conference and we had a member that was going to come pick them up and give them a ride. I called brother that morning to tell them what time we were coming by and he said sorry elder but we got a call earlier at one in the morning saying my wifes grandmother died so we have to come over here to Pajaran. Which is another baranguay really far away. So before they were ahead of schedule to be baptized and know they have to come every week in a row to baptized the day before I go to the mission home. Hopefully its not fools gold just kidding they are golden and I have no doubt they will be baptized I just want to still be here when it happens.

This week we had my last zone conference of the mission but it was also significant because it is also President Petersons last zone conference. A lot of the missionaries were bawling there eyes out. But it seems just normal for me because its almost like were in the same batch. The new mission president will be here on July 1 and I will probably only have a enough time to say two words before I am out of here HI and BYE. I guess his name is president Mangum and also from Utah. President Petersons homecoming in Arizona is actually the same day as mine is on the 27th of July. Its interesting to see the where the mission will go without him.

When I get done writing you this email me and Elder Boyd will actually be getting on a bus and heading to Manila so that we can fill out our immigration forms and be ready to leave next month. The mission is going to let us take one of the mission cars and we also get to sleep in a hotel tonight with air conditioning. Its almost as if they are trying to get us adjusted so we don’t go into another culture shock when we go home. In Manila they pretty much have everything you can think of so our number one plan is to drop by a Taco Bell! I may even be tempted if they have a swimming pool at the hotel. Hehe Im just kidding I wouldn’t I think I would probably drowned i don’t even remember how to swim.

I feel like I have to match last weeks email which was pretty long. I honestly think that was one of the longest letters I wrote on my whole mission. I will finish with telling you the spiritual part of our sabbath day yesterday. Stake conference was actually a nation wide broadcast from Salt Lake City. Quenton L. Cook spoke about the talk “Good, Better, Best” which Im sure you probably remember from general conference a few years ago. He told a story about the two funerals he attended in his youth that had a life changing impact on him. The two funerals were both of members of the church who had served missions. But in the end he said he could measure the success of each individual by there funeral service. Who attended, where it was held, what was said, and many other simple fact. Interestingly enough the more wealthy man of the two was the least successful. It seemed like the talk really was for me. Because the paths these two individuals took started at the fork of decisions that proceeded at the end of there missions. It makes me nervous to finish my mission. But I know that its time to make applications from everything I have been taught here.


Elder Polatis

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