Weekly email 6.23.2014: Tuloy tuloy lang

Hey Family,

Well everything is still on track. The Aguilar family that I found back in the start of May has started pulling through. Brother Aguilar was the less active that we ran into while tracting. All of a sudden his wife and daughter have sparked interest and started letting us teach them and they have started attending church regularly. Everything is in the ideal situation. We have a perfect match member family that doesnt live to far away and they come with us when we teach. Brother is getting active and committed to live the Word of Wisdom so that he can baptize his family. Heres a crazy thought that surprisingly I havent really come across in my mission. Sister Aguilar was really surprised when we told her that if brother is worthy he can perform the baptism. She was completely appalled that some one other than the priest pastor bishop or whatever it is can also perform an ordinance. If you think about the organization of the church we really are the only church that allows our members to do such things. We are also one of the only churches that has doctrines pertaining to the family. Theres a lot of eye openers like that when you step out of Idaho, Utah, California, Arizona or any other mormon populated state. Then everyone starts thinking were the weird ones huh.

The week went good. I said bye to Elder and Sister Peterson last Tuesday. They will be leaving this week and the new mission president will be here this week also. Our investigator family is actually going to be the new mission presidents first interview, he has to authorize it because of technical issues. So we will get to talk to him for a little bit and get to know him before we take off the next week. We have been working hard. The other day we spent about 3 hours tracrting this subdivision full of monstrous million dollar homes and we didnt get into a single one. I thought there had to be a reason for us going in there because we walked right past the security guard without him saying anything. Whats funny when though is that most people would send out the maid to come talk to us or others would peak through the window and be afraid to come out because they think were only English speaking and all sorts of crazy stories.

Other than that were just working with members and doing our best to get them involved. This is one thing Im really working on because I want all of the investigators im teaching right now to be tied in to the ward before I leave so that they wont be lost.

Take Care,
Elder Polatis

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