Weekly email 6.30.2014: Parang isang Sulyap Lamang

Dear Family,

Well I think you can officially put a countdown on the number of emails you have left from me. Its like one and if your lucky 2. First matter of news that I keep forgetting to tell you. Theres a returned missionary who moved here to his relatives place to study college here at Batangas State. His name is Francis Sipe. He is from the Bacolod mission. Where I supposedly have a cousin named sister Polatis serving there. He was a little shocked because sister Polatis was assigned in his ward and he was her ward mission leader. Now hes here in Batangas and works with us sometimes. Small world right. Another matter of Business I now have a new mission President name President Mangum. I really dont know anything about him yet. We have a meeting with him on Thursday and then after that meeting he is going to come to our area to interview one of our investigators. So I will be able to get to know him a little bit and catch a couple words of advice about life before I get out of here.

The week went well we actually went tracting a ton last week. I decided I need to get out of all the squatters areas and find some leaders in the church. I have made it a goal that I will have a teaching full of wealthy business oriented potential leaders in the church. So we went tracting in subdivisions. Im getting really good at getting into these gated neighborhoods lately. We find holes in the fence or if all else fails we just walk in the front gate right past the guard like we own the place. The problem is my filipino companion looks a little timid when we do that and they usually say hey where you going. Then I start talking to them like I own the place and put on a show like you dont know who I am. Usually it just works if you say we have a member that lives inside and hope they dont ask for the name. But once you get in once, you just need to make a few friends and contacts. Then when you come back you have a name for the guard. We started teaching a guy who is an international industrial machines inspector. Hes home for the time being but he says he is getting ready to go to Algeria next. Hes a really good family guy he has 3 kids but hes always gone in other countries is the problem.

I gave a talk yesterday in our ward and so did Elder Boyd the missionary thats in my batch that I will be coming home with. I talked about ordinances and he talked about covenants. I guess one thing I havent mastered on the mission is time management. To be honest they never gave me a set time. When i got done with the out line of my talk I told Elder Boyd that I would take more than seven to ten minutes. I guess he counted and I went 18 ooops. Thats ok he told me he wasnt very well prepared anyway. Then after sacrament bishop decided to surprise. Because it was the fifth sunday he wanted to call it missionary sunday. So he dumped the combined RS/Priesthood/Youth class on us to teach them about missionary work. But our Ward Mission Leader helped out a lot. The mission really helped me be prepared for circumstances like that and break a sweat. It was really nice. The members made us a dinner calender and the week before I go home they are going to feed us every week. This weekend by the way I am going back to Calauag to visit the members and all my converts back there. We are given the opportunity to go visit one area at the end of our mission and go to church there. Interestingly enough Elder Boyd was also assigned in Calauag so he is going to be my companion.

Elder Polatis

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