Weekly email 7.7.2014: Wag kang magsalita nang patapos…

Dear Family,

Well not much to say other than this is it. I will only clip my tag on about 10 more times and tomorrow that will be a single digit number. Everything seems normal to me really. Everyone asks what does it feel like to be going home. To be honest normal. It feels like I have been in the Philippines for two years right? It does seem to be a little surreal when I try to think about what homes like. I forget the feeling of sleeping on a real mattress, taking a hot shower, living in a dry climate, driving a car, etc…. But thats all good. Its time anyway right.

The last week went a little out of the ordinary. We started our excursion back to Calauag by first going to Manila to get Elder Boyd checked by the doctor then we went to Lucena and slept there and on saturday we went to visit the people I didnt say bye to last time. Then we road 4 more hours in a van to Calauag and slept on the ground in their apartment. It was a super rewarding feeling seeing all the converts in Calauag and they are still enduring. If you remember brother Jesse the short guy he has read the book of mormon twice in the last year and is super active and has a calling in the young men. Hes such a good guy. He wanted to serve a mission but hes already 26 so he said he will just go on to the next mission…temple marriage. I also saw tatay jack and we went and visited a bunch of other members. Then we started on our way back. We actually ended up hitch hiking a ride in a big family van. It was kinda funny because they just picked up two random americans and then they didnt know the road so we ended up showing them the way. We became pretty close with them in the 5 hour drive and we even had a little bible sharing.

ELder Polatis

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