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Weekly email 4/7/2014: Palo sa Mukha

Dear Family,

We had a good week I guess ha. Theres always the pros and cons but I could probably say the pros outweighed the cons this time. First things first I will tell you about the zamora families progress….there is none! Well at least in terms of getting married but we may just baptize the others with out sister. Yesterday was a really good testimony meeting for them actually. Brother Wally the one member of this family who is less active and the live in partner got up and bore his testimony in front of his in-laws. It was very powerful to exactly what they needed actually.

We had another Missionary Leadership Council on Friday. I think this might be my last meeting of my mission because next transfer I may not be a zone leader anymore. I think President might have me train right before I go home. But who knows whats in the box. It was a really good meeting. Right now our mission is focusing on church attendance and so lots of our meetings with other missionaries are focused around how thats going to happen. In the past we have had training plans on using the Book of Mormon more effectively and working with members.

Theres not a whole lot of news. We did teach a really cool lesson last night. We have an investigator who has wanted to get baptized for 3 months now he is completely active and seems like a member but hes not married and the situation is complicated. But we have finally got his wife to start listening to us and then out of no where his mom decided to also sit in the lesson. We taught the plan of salvation and all of a sudden they started opening up and asking questions and fireworks started going off and our dear brother who wants to get baptized is all excited about the progress they are making. This is the Tan family just for further reference if I mention them in the future.

Your Beloved,
Elder Polatis


Lucena Zone

Lucena Zone


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Letter from the Mission President… we are so proud of our missionary!

16 August 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Polatis

Dear Brother and Sister Polatis,

We are pleased to inform you that your son, Elder Nathan Randall Polatis, has been called to be a Zone Leader in this mission.

Elder Polatis has shown himself to be a humble, dedicated, hard working and obedient missionary, displaying skills in mission leadership, training and proselyting.  He has qualified himself to receive this important mission calling.  I have the utmost confidence that your son will carry out this assignment with the same dedication and commitment that he has thus far exhibited as a missionary.

We want to express my sincere appreciation to you for raising such a fine young man.

Sincerely ,

President George E. Peterson Sister Kathryn M. Peterson

Philippines San Pablo Mission

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Weekly email Jan 2, 2012 – Kawawa sa wawa

Well Im glad to see you all were able to write me this week thats a big surprise to here about Juan’s mom and its good you were all able to help them out. Well today for P-day we spent the time in the zone leaders area for zone P-day we went to a beach resort and played some beach volleyball and other games. Its nice to just get together with everyone else and find out whats happening within the mission since the zone leaders live 2 hours away we had to get up at 4:30 this morning. I think my mission might be the most sleep deprived two years of my life. But im hoping since the new apartment we found and might be moving into this week is more in subdivision type area and a little richer neighborhood I wont have a rooster waking me up at 4 every day. The new apartment is actually really nice though and were excited for a bigger house.


This week we had our first convert baptism. His name is Arjay and hes 14 years old his older brother is a member and getting ready to put mission papers in. But they are the only two members of the family. We have been trying to get there parents to come to church with him and join the lessons but they are a little hard headed. Maybe thats why it says so many times in the scriptures become humble as a little child. They need to be more like there children ha but now that hes baptized were going to turn our focus and work with them.


Interesting story about them I just remembered this week. They actually live way up in the mountains in this little village on a hill. We usually ride a tricycle up there to visit them. So we went up there the day before his baptism to get his parents signature and have all the papers ready. And then we ended up staying and eating dinner with them. By the time we finished it was late and time to go back to our apartment. But by this time there very few tricycles going back to town so we waited on the side of the road to get a ride but it never came all the members with a vehicle that we could think of either didnt answer or said they were out of gas or something so at 9 o clock at night when we were supposed to be in our apartment we started walking through the mountains. After maybe 4 or 5 miles up and down a tricycle finally came by and we got back to our apartment about 10:30 at first I was all stressed out about the situation but after we started walking it was actually pretty enjoyable to be up in the mountains with fresh air finally.


Other than that the only other news I can think of and have time to tell you about is that we had zone interviews with President Peterson this week and at the same time the AP’s and ZL’s have workshops. Our focus on the mission right now is about teaching doctrines. Doctrines are the simple unchanging truths of the church that are the basis of everything we teach. If we think about it every question we ever have links back to a doctrine like the godhead or priesthood. The church of Jesus Christ is truly gods church of order I have come to find. Even way over here in the Philippines the church is the same we have perfect organization (at least the church does maybe not the people with in it. Because the church is new here we actually lack a lot of organization from the members.) Im glad to be a member and be called to serve in the Philippines. The opportunity to learn a new language and culture has been an opportunity for me to really find out how to seek help from heavenly father and open my eyes. Im doing great here and am working hard. Until next week.



Elder Polatis


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Happy Thanksgiving Letter Sent 11-26-2012

Happy Thanksgiving,


I was thinking about thanksgiving these week and I couldnt even remember if it was the 24 or 25. Its funny cause everyone here knows that we celebrate it in america and have asked questions about it. They think it odd that we eat turkey cause for some reason turkey meat is illegal to sell here. Even though our neighbors have a bunch of turkeys that walk all over the road I dont know what they do with them. Anyway though I still celebrated thanksgiving here. I bought a can of pringles and a snickers bar (Both of which are pretty expensive here) it was delicious. It sounds like everyone enjoyed it there and are getting excited for christmas now. The richer parts of town here have been celebrating christmas for months now they still put up lights and fake trees and everything. From what I have heard about the celebration is they actually dont give out gifts or anything. On Christmas Eve they just eat a lot of food and christmas day they eat all the left overs ha. So I am preparing for a lot of dinner invitations ha. I am also mentally and physically preparing myself for Balot (the have formed duck embryo) I think I will try it this week cause they are having a fiesta similar to the what the fair is like for us this weekend.


As for the work we went on splits this week because we had two priesthood holders working on the same day. So by the end of the week we had 34 lessons. I dont really know if thats super good or not because this is only my first area and I havent ever seen the numbers of any other missionaries but when I talked to the zone leaders today on the phone they acted as if it was good. So I am proud that we are doing well with that. I am also glad that its not my turn to cook this week haha. We both hate it when its are turn to cook all we really know how to do is steam vegatables and fry meat haha super simple tastes good but probably not very healthy.


This upcoming week Elder Ardern from the first quorum of the seventy is coming to the mission so on Thursday I will meet him. We are also presenting the plan for how the Nasugbu area is going to be split up to add another set of missionaries. Im really excited and hope that it happens before I get transferred. The only thing is I think they are going to jam four of us in the apartment we have for now and switch housing later after were settled. That would be really hard to be living so close. We had a baptism scheduled next week for the 8th of December but she canceled on us now so are next planned one is on the 15th his names Angelo 17 years old. Its been really good because the first time he came to church I was hoping he wouldnt think its boring or want to leave. Instead he was actually warmly accepted by the youth and has been playing basketball with them at the church. Honestly the biggest enticement about the church here is that we have a way nice basketball court outside ha Saturday nights are packed. Its funny cause the guys here will make little basketball courts here on dirt and then nail a board to a baluktot (crooked) tree and play for hours.


So right now as a mission we have been reading through the Book of Mormon everyone is supposed to be reading 2 chapters a day. RIght now I just started Helaman. I think I will finish by January. Anyway when I first got here President gave us each a brand new clean Book of Mormon and as we read we are to highlight anything that has to do with repentance and than the next time we start reading there will be a new topic and a new Book so by the end of my mission I will have a library. I have really enjoyed reading and I have developed a strong testimony of it. I dont feel like I ever understood it like I do now. Its amazing what you gain when you read with purpose. Im finding out that as I work in anything I do there needs to be a purpose. If I set a goal or an expectation first pray and ask the lord for help its amazing how much more we can accomplish. I know the lords aware of each of us and our desires. I have felt his love for each of the people here in Nasugbu and I know he cares about them.


Christmas Soon!! I will let you know about how I will be able to call when I find out.



Elder Polatis

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Write to Nathan (he would love it:))

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Elder Nathan Polatis

Barangay, San Juan

Alaminos, Laguna 4001


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Nathan Sent Pictures

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Hey everyone another P-day man crazy im almost down to double digits on weeks now. Of course its the same ol schedule we just got back from the temple and came to the lab to write. The works going good just doing me desk work im learning a lot though. Tagalog is getting better and we almost are at the point where we dont even memorize phrases before we go in with our fake investigator and we can carry on a small conversation. Its definately still hard though its fun. So every Tuesday we have fireside and im really hoping its a big shot tonight who talks so far most of the people who have talked have been emeritus general authorities who are very good and they all have good messages. So on Saturday Elder Peet (our roommate) left for Peru he finally got his visa and they shipped him right off he had to leave at two o clock in the morning. Now its just me and Elder Spezia so were thinking there gunna put a new companionship in with us tomorrow when the new missionaries come in I dont know if I told you but in two weeks 70 new missionaries are coming in all headed for the Philippines so our classrooms are gunna be packed most the buildings here are pretty old and the A/C is not up to par so it gets pretty muggy they have redone a lot of the buildings but not ours and I guess our residence hall is the last one that needs remodeling also but its not to bad. So I weighed myself the other day I have already gained ten pounds ha so once I leave the MTC im gunna need new cloths ha jk I wont.
Our district as a whole has started to work together a lot better with so much free time to ourselves a lot of times people will get off topic and distracted but everyones been keeping in line pretty good the last little while and we learn a lot faster that way. Thank you all for the letters you have been writing although now that im sitting down here on a time limit I cant remember all the questions you had thats ok im planning on writing some hand letters during laundry today.
I have realized while being here that goals are super crucial to working effectively In my personal goals companionship or even district goal if you outline your goal decide what steps to get there you can do a lot of things with the lords help. Im grateful to be out here learning life lessons like that and doing this super important work. Oour Branch Presidency here keeps telling us how this church is different from others in that we send out young inexperienced young adults to do the lords work who dont have any high degrees or anything and this is because he just needs someone with a pure soul and able body to deliver this message I discover more and more I can be an instrument in gods hands like that and Im excited to see all that im gunna learn and experience in the Philippines also to go along with that a speaker on sunday added to that when he said we may be just a bunch of young college age kids but we are a very select few to be here doing his work considering everyone that is out there. Im grateful to be one of those and its humbling to meet all the missionaries here and discover how they got here thanks for all that you guys are doing for me and have done for me
Love Elder Polatis

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